Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today i am going to pressure can carrots. I'm following the instructions from an internet friend who is quite possibly the most helpful woman ever whenever I have a preserving question - and I will ask her later on if it's OK for me to publish her instructions here so everything is all in one space.

If I can find batteries that are charged for the camera I will try and do a bit of a step by step photo thing too. But I won't make any promises on that one!

We eat a lot of carrots here - and often they are kinda expensive. So I thought I'd can some, and buy the juicing ones or even the horse ones from the local feed store. Given that I can buy a 20 kilo bag of carrots from there for $10.95, and the stupidmarket carrots are often around the $1.40 per kilo, I figured it would save us some dosh, at the cost of a day in the kitchen. And since it's school holidays, a day in the kitchen isn't that surprising anyway - I'll probably get the kids to roll some biccies for the teeny tiny oven while I peel carrots!

However - it did occur to me that attempting to get 20 kilos of carrots into jars meant that I had to have storage space for 20 kilos of carrot jars... and it meant that I would possibly get RSI from peeling all that many carrots - and I thought it might take me a couple of days....

To get rid of all my excuses, the stupidmarket had carrots on sale for 99c a kilo - so I decided I'd start this venture small rather than large and bought 6 kilos.

So today - canning 6 kilos of carrots. And if there's time a couple of jars of pumpkin cubes too.