Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Much quietness and changes in the cooking department

Lately all my cooking time has revolved around speed. How fast can I make it, how fast can they eat it, how fast is the cleanup!

Simplifying life has become a lot harder to do!

But, I have a new best friend. I have a pressure cooker. I did not grow up in a household with one, so the theory was all brand new to me.

I think the best bit is how fast it makes the preparation of beans, legumes, and pulses when you forgot to soak them the day before.

Nothing quite like getting home from the work-school pickup panic realizing your shop is open all afternoon and you have nothing planned for dinner!

At least with the pressure cooker I can 'quick soak' some beans in 10 minutes, cook them in another 20, then throw together something with vegies and rice that still ticks the protein food group box.

We are still doing the wheat/gluten/dairy free thing for the youngest. I have adopted the gluten free myself.
As well as my husband, however, we received the diagnosis of type one diabetes for our middle son last year, so now I'm counting carbs and watching sugars and calculating insulin doses too!

I never thought I'd see myself willingly handing any of my children artificially sweetened things, but every now and then I do.

I guess in one sense you have to move with the times!

I do hope to blog a bit more now, including some playing around with raw vegan recipes and certainly getting back into the preserving again.