Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back on the horse at last

So,  as you can see from the attached photos, a number of exciting things have happened.
Firstly,  the new oven  that I have scrimped and saved and struggled for its here,  it's working perfectly, and I have been baking and baking and baking.

Secondly,  inspired in part by new stove, in part by a helping hand call out and in part by large bags of veg at cheap prices at my local,  the canner came out, was dusted off,  and put back to work yesterday.

See the pics of my cupboard? Do you have any idea how amazingly good I feel having just those few full jars in there? It's like the return of a favorite blanket,  missed for many years that I have just found again! I'm all warm and fuzzy.

The specifics - raw pack, hot jars, hot stock,  pressure canned as per the ball blue book. Notice I used Mason jars this time.  I still have all my fowlers jars,  but I honestly don't think I'll use them for pressure canning again.  Tomatoes and fruits and anything waterbath, definitely,  but I wasn't overly happy with the rubbers on the Fowlers jars after pressure canning. 

Big W are now stocking Mason jars where they used to stock Fowlers. While the prices are not bad,  Red Back Trading online store had much better prices especially if you buy in bulk. Shipping will be a factor unless you live in Melbourne but I think the prices still come in cheaper.

I refused to put my canner away in its dark corner again. I have moved it to the cupboard where the full jars are kept,  so I see it often.  I must honestly say I'm envisioning much harder, leaner times in my future (if not all of our futures) and I am going to make the commitment here and now to restock my pantry and with it, my frugal habits. 

It's past time for me to start over.