Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baking, with a twist

The wait for the oven is doing weird things to my brain. The other day i bought real vanilla extract at the supermarket. The REAL stuff, not the essence that i have always used and was raised with.
I don't really know why, because there is no oven yet.
Or is there?

I need to bake. I'm over the cupcakes in the little electric cupcake machine. I need to make cookies.
Time to put on my MacGyver hat.

There is a relatively new appliance in the house which has, in 3 uses, already paid for itself. Its a little electric pizza oven. It only has the cheap teflon tray, not the stone ware one, but it is fun to use and very easy to make personalized, cheap pizzas on.

I reckon you can make cookies on it too.
I must apologise for the term "cookies" here, i used American recipes and i got stuck in good 'ol US of A land for a bit.

I found a gluten free, dairy free recipe that DIDN'T say it made 7 dozen biscuits (surprisingly hard to find), made some quick substitutions, and had some thing resembling crumbs in my bowl. so i added two eggs and started rolling biscuit balls.

The first batch through the pizza oven were testers. They all disappeared in about5 seconds.

Heartened, i added some plum jam and some fig jam to the centres of the next lot.
I may have been over confident, because my fig jam oozed out and burnt.

Take that how you will!

After a quick wash of the tray, i rolled the rest into little flat rounds and cooked them too.
All in all i'm relatively happy with my days experimenting, although again, cooking in such small batches at one time seems like a lot of time used up for a tiny result.
BUT you can bake cookies in an electric pizza oven.
So there.

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