Sunday, March 22, 2015

What a super busy year

This year has been amazing in my preserving kitchen. Which is the same as my regular kitchen.... but you know what I mean.
With new friends and new groups has come new food and recipes and ideas!

I have made for the first time ever:
Grape Jelly (gifted Shiraz grapes from a local winery)
CrabApple Jelly (foraged crab apples from our local park)
Cabernet Merlot jelly (left over wine.... yes it can happen!!!)
Apple Juice (thankyou steam juicer I love you)
Apple and Blackberry pie filling(foraged fruit in return for picking some for others)

The list doesn't actuallg end there. This week will be Apple Mint Jelly and Apple Rosehip syrup. And possibly Apple Chutney.

There are more apples and soon quinces and pears and possibly other things.

It's rather hard to beleive I have been so blessed!

My pantry is overflowing with fruit goodness and I have had such a fabulous time with it all.

This week just gone it was a number of loads of apple butter and 15 jars of strawberry jam.

I will need to photograph all my full jars at some stage and probably keep a decent list so I know how many of which things I have made and how many we go through in the year so I can plan for next season.

So much fun!

How has all your preserving been?

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